I’m Tash aka Hexx Mondette. I’m an ex-alternative model, self-taught MUA applying for my Diploma from QC Makeup Academy. I love dressing up and am especially fond of special effects makeup and also emphasising natural beauty.
Although spending many years studying various subjects, I found myself either struggling with the academic or the lack of imagination. Being very artistic in nature and upbringing, I started taking an interest and experimenting with makeup. As I grew older and my interests developed into the more ‘nerdy’ area, I began to investigate special effects makeup through cosplaying at local comic-cons and at Halloween. Regardless of makeup type or application, I find it fun and fascinating, inclusive of any little intricacies that can be accomplished.
As someone who has problems with self-confidence, I enjoy helping those feel beautiful and seeing their eyes light up when they see themselves transformed.
I use myself or my mother as a makeup model often so the majority of the photographs on my website and social media will be of us until I get more models/customers.

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